• A calendar of menu items will be published on this site four weeks in advance..

• All menu items are subject to change based upon availability of quality ingredients and to accommodate special school events.

 • Cost for lunch is $3.00 Al acarte, $4.25 for an entree with sides and grilled chicken salad, $3.50 & $4.50 for the regular & large (pizza only) sides.

• A convenience fee will be added to every order.

• Lunch include an entrée and side dish

Teachers cannot take money other than the same day order.  Please send in an envelope with payment, childs name, grade, teacher and lunch choice. 

• Orders must be placed by 11:59 p.m. the night before the lunch,
• No refunds will be given; credit will be issued for canceled meals. Snow days will be credited.  Sick days will NOT be credited.

• Meals must be canceled by 11:59 p.m. the night before the lunch,
• Due to Health Code policies, personal food items cannot be held in the kitchen refrigerator or reheated by kitchen staff.

* If you choose to fund your account with a personal check.....all checks MUST be submitted to the office on Tuesdays only. Minimum $150, maximum $500.  Credit will be in your account the next day.